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NEW MUSIC: Without a "Modus Operandi" a plan simply stagnates.

"Consider me a battery.
I'm packing lots of Chi and Ki,
I'm Master Roshi,
Living in solitude in the middle of the ocean." ~DRVNOfficial #ModusOperandi

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Let me open up YOUR forehead, again, with "#4Head Ep.1"

After releasing my last track, "#4Head", I decided to expand on the idea.  So, I decided to do a 3 part series, focused on the power of, you guessed it... the forehead!  Now, without further ado, this is, "#4Head Ep.1" by DRVNOfficial!

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HOT TRACK DROP "4 Head" 3/1/2018

Let me open up YOUR forehead!

"Way more than a genius,
I would say it was in my jeans,
But I'm cargoed up like I'm going overseas,
About face!" ~DRVNOfficial #4head

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*Early Release* DRVNOfficial Collabs Volume1

I am pleased to present my first DRVNOfficial Collab project.  12 heavy hitting tracks, FREE to download!  Grab your copy and be sure to pass it on. ~DRVNOfficial

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