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*NEW MUSIC* DRVNOfficial's 1st Official Studio Album Debut- "#4Head Ep.2"

#4Head Ep.2 by DRVNOfficial

The first official studio album debut from "DRVNOfficial". This project is completely produced by "3B" aka "DaPhatMack" in his signature "Trap Rock" sound.

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This is the 2nd project in the #4Head series by, DRVNOfficial.  If you haven't heard the first album in this series, you can check it out here ...#4Head Ep.1 

*Feeling these beats?  Catch up with "3B" aka "DaPhatMack"on these sites , for his latest and greatest!: InstagramTwitter and YouTube

**You can stream and download here or on the following sites: 
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