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You can catch me on YouTube doing what I do best... gaming and dropping lyrical madness! No Gimmicks and never sugar coated! (I tell it like it is and sometimes a good curse word is necessary, I’m just saying.) My goal is to be accessible to all in need of a little boost (or Lyrical Smack!) in their lives.

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**No matter what I say or how I say it, keep in mind, I DO THIS FOR YOU!**
So…  Check me out!  While you’re there, please, like and comment on what moves you.  How else would I know that I'm delivering on my word?  Your feedback is always welcomed, truly appreciated and keeps me dropping bars.  Thank you all!  Oh!  Don’t forget to subscribe, if you like! ~DRVNOfficial #SinglePointFocusDRVNOfficial #4M #DRVNOfficialGaming #ApexRoyalEntertainment 

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Ghostwriting: barsbydrvn@drvnofficial.com
Mix & Mastering: mastersbydrvn@drvnofficial.com
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(Playlist: All DRVNOfficial Gaming)

DRVNOfficial Gaming Founded on December 1, 2017 by DRVNOfficial (Team Manager), "DRVNOfficial Gaming" is a collection of Gamers with a passion for gaming that covers all genres.  Outside of enjoying the fast paced world of gaming, the main objective is to provide quality content through live streams and various gaming montages via YouTube.

"DRVNOfficial Gaming" is under the DRVNOfficial and Apex Royal Entertainment Brands!

For Bookings (events/contests) and general inquiries: drvnofficialgaming@apexroyalentertainment.com


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