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"Live Lava" is that hot... Embrace this heat!

DRVNOfficial & DaPhatMack murder this track, with lyricism guaranteed to penetrate your Soul!

Check it out! "Live Lava" by DRVNOfficial ft. DaPhatMack (Produced by 3B) #DRVNOfficial #SinglePointFocus

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Apex Royal Entertainment
In late 2014, “DRVNOfficial” and “Safiyyah Reigns” created Apex Royal Entertainment (A.R.E). 
The plan being to further expand the positive message in their music into all areas of entertainment, touching more lives for the better. Love, Unity, Personal Power, Ambition and Transcendence – these are the things that Safiyyah Reigns and DRVNOfficial stand for. Determined to reach the pinnacle of everything media related and rain down love and positive energy, Safiyyah Reigns and DRVNOfficial lead by example, creating their own reality and showing you that there are NO LIMITATIONS.
*~Love & Light~*
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Founded in January 2017 by Zombiesniper23, Zombielux23, J_Stacks00 and DRVNOfficial (Team Manager), DRVNGaming is a collection of Gamers with the objective of providing quality content through live streams and various gaming montages via YouTube.  DRVNGaming YouTube


Safiyyah Reigns
"I'm not trying to be the greatest Lyricist of all time. I am not here to compete with other musicians, male or female, their mission is not mine. I walk MY path and make MY rules. I AM here to AWAKEN YOUR SENSES. To UPLIFT those in need and to promote a POSITIVE way of BEING. To prove that we are all TRULY DIVINE." ~Safiyyah Reigns (Previously known as Shak-ti and co-creator of A.R.E and A.R.M)