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Apex Royal Entertainment

I am proud to bring to you all the official website/blog of Apex Royal Entertainment (A.R.E).  Founded in late 2014 by Safiyyah Reigns and myself, the plan being to further expand the positive message in our music into all areas of entertainment, touching more lives for the better. Love, Unity, Personal Power, Ambition and Transcendence – these are the things that Safiyyah Reigns and I stand for. Determined to reach the pinnacle of everything media related and rain down love and positive energy, we aim to lead by example, creating our reality and showing you that there are NO LIMITATIONS.  Apex Royal Entertainment (A.R.E) Website/Blog
Please, enjoy and thank you all for your support! ~ DRVNOfficial *S.i.n.g.l.e P.o.i.n.t F.o.c.u.s*